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Alibi Security

*During the transition to Alibi, We will still service Zmodo cameras and equipment

From your standard IP camera to Alarm Clock Hidden Cameras, Alibi has got you covered. Alibi has a bevy of options for your recording needs. 

Surveillance Station

Setting up Alibi security systems are a breeze. We setup the cameras for you so you don't have to worry about hanging them yourself. We will come to your location and do a sight survey so you can tell us were you would like your cameras. If your not sure about placement let our security experts help by giving you advice on were to put your

Alibi cameras. Setting up the NVR and Cameras is easy as well. 

Synology NVR

Flexible Deployment

Since 1989 SC Technologies (Owners of Alibi Cameras) have been giving their customers great security services as well as fantastic customer service. We proudly stand by this product and we want to give our customers the same quality for there security needs.

Efficient Management

Recording Options 

About Alibi

IP Cameras transmitted images via a network cable. Alibi has a  IP cameras that are connected to your network. 

HD-TVI doesn't mean that they are on the internet. The DVR that you use for HD-TVI translates the video feed from the HD-SDI cameras to digital files that you can view on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The safety and security of facilities, environments, people, and assets are essential necessities of life. Synology surveillance solutions offer all-around monitoring options for you to guarantee maximum protection and ensuing investigations. Make your surveillance investment worth the peace of mind.

Proactive Control

Synology's Central Management System (CMS) is designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments. CMS provides surveillance personnel with an effective solution to monitor and manage surveillance deployment of all scales.

The CMS hierarchy consists of a CMS host server who has total control over all other recording servers across different locations. IT administrators can enjoy the following benefits from CMS deployment.

Watch from anywhere

Camera OverView

Achieve efficient management in large-scale surveillance deployment. CMS offers centralized operation with single-point management, allowing IT administrators to shorten administration time spent on multiple NVR server configurations.

Centralized management can effectively prevent any manual error generated from repetitive actions.

Central Management System

CMS is flexible to meet the demands of retail shops, business buildings, and large shopping centers. Whether your surveillance environment is a single PC or a TV wall in a central control room. Synology’s CMS solution is able to fulfill your request, even as your business grows. It’s a surveillance platform that meets long-term company objectives.

Easy Setup

Surveillance Station can fulfill all levels of deployment and monitoring plans. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, or residential environments; you can access video surveillance anytime, anywhere by browsers or mobile devices.

 With the Alibi Witness app (For IOS and Android) you can watch your cameras from anywhere from the comfort of your couch to out on the town. 

Alibi Witness is an easy way to view your cameras on your computer. Check your cameras at the office or at home on your personal computer Alibi lets you watch your home or office anywhere with ease.

Ip Cameras Vs. Hd-tvi Cameras

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