3cx includes a switchboard function that can help view and manage your phone calls. The switchboard allows you to drag and drop call for quick transfers. The switchboard fuction is ideal for call centers and can also help receptionist view and manage incoming calls.

Office anywhere

With the 3cx phone App for Android and iOS you can take your number anywhere you go. The 3cx App is easy to set up and manage. The client will automatically provision your 3cx console reducing help desk calls.

What is 3CX

Contact Integrations

3cx has Apps for smartphones, Windows, and Mac that let the users use their office extensions anywhere. With 3cx you can increase productivity.

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With 3cx’s integrated web conferencing you can cut back on travel time and enjoy a face-to-face communication wherever you are.

Take your extensions anywhere

PBX that won’t

break the bank

Managing calls

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Web Conferencing

 Traditional PBXs or Black Box appliances can get pretty costly but with 3cx that will all change. You can add more extensions without adding licenses or fees. You can add lines, extensions, and features at no cost to you.

3cx can cut your phone bill by 80%. By leveraging SIP trunks, WebRTC, free calling to remote extensions, and reducing the number of fixed telephone lines it can cut your cost easily.

Cut your costs by half

3cx is a phone system that is a PBX based systems that works with SIP (Standard based IP Phone), SIP trunks, and VoIP Gate ways to provide a full PBX solution without the cost and management headaches. 3cx is used by more then 30,000 companies.

3cx awards 

3cx can integrate with office 365, Google contacts, or any internal phonebook.