Fire, Water Damage, and Cold

Also known as the killers of computers and hardware, using IOsafe technology we can solve your on premise data backup problems. Once the "firefighters" are done, we go to work to get you on your feet. 


  • Files Server for Storage
  • Active Directory for Security and Permissions
  • Windows Deployment to manage reload and software
  • Microsoft Exchange for Business Email Needs 
  • Sharepoint and Office cloud collaboration

All wires will be up to the Low Voltage Standards and will be housed properly. Out of the customer's sight is our goal.

Backup Solutions

  • Designed Software Solutions / Hardware requirments
  • Security Audits and Documentation 
  • Disaster Recover Programs
  • Security Software Solutions
  • Antivirus Solutions

Technical Support   231.903.0225


Networking Projects 

Cable Management

single Servers, VMware virtualization, and Data centers

At Shoreline we like a hands on approach to all networking and server needs. We want to sit down and talk to you about all your networking needs.

Network Consulting

Clean, Labeled, Managed, that's how we like to design our cable jobs. With our Cable Coloring Scheme, we will make it easy for you to know where your data's going.