Modifier Tabbing

Cash Out Tabs in Seconds & Easily Ring Up Drinks

MicroSale’s fast and easy-to-manage POS software is designed to help you increase profit margins and focus your attention on customer service. Quick service functionality includes counter service, drive-thru, delivery, and phone orders. With the use of one of our most popular features, conversational ordering, staff can take orders in a conversational tone and go outside the parameters of sequential programming.

Every menu item can have up to 5 automatic happy hours or "timed events". Each timed event can also use different prices for modifiers

When a hostess inputs the party's reservation in the POS, it will send automatic email confirmation to the contact person.

Bar Service

Hold with Auto Release

Beat the Busy Rush

Phone Orders

Do you sell Wings? MicroSale has a great
feature called "Count Downs". (View at 1:10 in Demo Above) Depending on the amount of wings in an order, the system makes it extremely easy to break up an order of wings with multiple flavors.

Visual WaitList with Averaging Wait Times

You can control your bar without compromising speed.  A restaurant terminal can be set in “Quick Bar” mode allowing a bartender to start a check with a credit card, share tabs, repeat items, accept payment on the order screen, and more.

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Intelligently Designed & Simple to Use

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Happy Hours +1 Step Further
Table Layout & Management

Full Service

Save Credit Cards for Tabs
Smart Modifiers

Intelligently Designed & Simple to Use

Add Drinks to Existing Tabs

Bar Service

Reservations with Email Confirmation

The wait list will average wait times, using the time it takes to add the customer to the time he or she is seated, to give a better estimate for wait times.

Instead of going through multiple modifier pages in a specific sequence, simply tab through modifier pages to quickly get through order entry.

MicroSale instantly recalls a customer’s profile based upon their phone number. The profile includes the customer's last order that may be "reordered", the date of last order, special notes, and additional contact information such as address, email, and directions.

Quick Service

MicroSale is fully integrated with QSR Kitchen automations and MicroPlus. MicroSale can send a menu item to the kitchen video as the order is rung up or after the check is tendered. With QSR, MicroSale can individually time menu items so that they only appear when needed! 

Full Service

Preauths tend to upset customers, as it holds funds in their account. Simply start a tab with a credit card (which adds the guest's name) and either choose to close the tab with that credit card or switch to another form of payment later.

Ring an order and tender the check on the same screen. After the items are on the check, simply swipe the credit card or type in the amount of cash presented. 

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Quick Service

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Customers typically say the tab name after ordering drinks; the bartender can simply start ringing drinks then press "add to existing tab"

Your customers may order a medium size drink and fries, most of the time, for combo items. With MicroSale, simply choose the drink flavor such as Coke and the system will automatically drag in the Medium Fry! Simply touch the item to change out the side.

Included ingredients are highlighted in green. Employees no longer have to memorize menu items! Simply touch a gray item to turn it green for "add" and hit the green item again to turn it red for "no".

Quick Combos
Drive Thru

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Kitchen Video

Often times, a server will put the entrees on "hold" to give the kitchen enough time to prepare an appetizer. Simply type in a number of minutes to tell the POS when to release the hold to the kitchen... now entrees will never be forgotten.

MicroSale’s Drive-Thru features allow orders to be quickly and accurately timed, bagged, and sold whether you have a single Drive-Thru window, multiple windows, or multiple lanes.

Tender from Order Screen

Ring. Swipe. Done. Quick Bar allows the bartender to ring in items and tender the check to cash or credit right from the same screen

Cash out on the Order Screen

Tables change colors based on the table's status in the restaurant. You may see if a table is not turning over quickly, when a check is printed,

and when the table is dirty.