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We provide software solutions that grocery retailers need to manage their business in today's competitive world. We provide these products at a price that makes sense for their business.

Logivision’s products for grocery fit well into mainstream supermarkets, health food stores, ethnic markets, and specialty food shops. Our POS solutions allow you to track sales, manage inventory, and implement loyalty programs to attract new customers. Whether you own a small mom and pop shop, corner market, or manage a large independent chain we have a point of sale solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

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Grocery / Deli / Produce

Quality hardware that you can depend on to run your business. 

Liquor stores operate a high volume business where variety and availability make the difference. Our point of sale and store management applications will help you reduce inventory carrying cost. Detailed sales reports will show you the best selling products and also the products that aren't selling so well to help you make the best merchandising choices to increase sales and profits.

Customer tracking to item level means that you will be able to review purchase history for your customers immediately from the point of sale.

L-POS maintains multiple prices per item for either volume based purchase discounts or customer oriented discounts.

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Convenience stores, specialty stores, gas stations, and liquor stores selling fuel are in a tough industry. They sell mainstream products available in supermarkets at everyday low prices. They sell fuel that is being discounted at those same super-stores. So the name of the game is on-going product renewal, elimination of the poor selling products and introduction of new products, and in-store services.

The right software system plays an important role because decisions can only be based on detailed, accurate and timely data. Cross-marketing applications based on Inter-operability of systems can lead to increased traffic and higher sales.

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