The Dell Optiplex Series has strong hardware that has been tested in the harshest enviroments & the coldest Michigan winters, and the heat of industrial machine shops. They do work well in climate controlled offices.

Computer Clean Up

Technical Support   231.903.0225

Hardware Consulting

Computer running slow or you might have gotten a virus, let Shoreline help you with that. From fresh installs to virus scans, we want to make sure your computer is up  to your standards of work.

Dell Procission Workstations

Dell Optiplex Business Workstations

The Dell Precission Workstation is perfect for extra power you need. CAD and Graphic Design are perfect for these units, they are designed specifically for these applications, to give you the power and performance you need to keep up with the demand.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of computers and we are looking forward to helping you with: Computer problems, Phone issues, Networking issues, or any other technological problem.


Hardware Repair

Computers can be fickle things, but at Shoreline, we can help you keep your computer in check. With our Computer Hardware experts, we can help take care of any computer issues that may come up. From a new power supply to a brand new mother board, we got you covered.