TO provide the best and most educational tech work around.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation as well as educate you so your business can be successful. We will set up the products as well as educate you on them, so well can help you get a well rounded experience. 

danielle Swenor


​With a team like Shoreline you can't go wrong. Danielle Swenor is proud to have a company like Shoreline. With her Husband Michael Swenor they have both found a team that is up to snuff when it come to all thing IT, Security, Point of Sale, as well as Graphic Design.

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About Us

Matthew Raymond

Director of Graphics & Marketing

A Designer with real passion, Matthew Raymond wants to help you with anything graphics related. From Logo Work to creating you a new Website, he's here to help. With his creative nature he will make sure all your creative ideas are met.

Technical Support   231.903.0225


Michael swenor

Head of Technological Sales

With over 20 years of computer know how, Michael Swenor is here to help make your computer and networking needs. One thing he is willing to do that other IT companies won't is educate. He wants you to be up to date with all your equipment so your not in a haze when he is working on your equipment. 

Daniel Bolthouse

Senior MicroSale Programmer

With restaurant knowledge under his belt, Daniel Bolthouse knows how important a Point of Sales systems is to your restaurant business. He will help you with any questions you have about MicroSale. From menu program to reports, He will help keep your restaurant's flow going.